Monday, June 28, 2010

RECIPE - Lucky Bucket French Onion Soup with Pit Beef Sandwichs and Grilled Egg Plant

Had a Great Summer Meal Sunday, which I incorporated Lucky Bucket Lager into my French Onion Soup.

Lucky Bucket French Onion Soup

1 - Large Vidalia Onion
6 Cups - Beef Broth
1 Tablespoon - Salt
1 Tablespoon - Pepper
1 Tablespoon - Minced Onion
1 teaspoon - Thyme
1 - Stick of Butter (real butter)
1 - Bottle Lucky Bucket Lager

Chop the Onion in to small pieces
Place chopped onion, butter, salt and pepper in to soup pot
cook until onions are glassy looking
then add thyme and minced garlic
then add beef broth and Lucky Bucket Larger
Bring to a Boil
Then pour into a crock pot and simmer for 5 hours on low

Pit Beef

1 - 3lb Rump Roast

rub the roast with salt and pepper
then place on a hot grill
turn periodically
remove from grill when a temp of 160 degrees is achieved
Slice thin

Grilled Egg Plant

1 - Large Egg Plant
Slice egg plant into 3/4" slices
salt and pepper
Grill for about 3 minutes on high heat on both sides

Place pit beef on a bun
Put French Onion Soup in a good bowl to dip your sandwich in
and add a couple pieces of egg plant
Of coarse serve with a Lucky Bucket Lager

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