Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RECIPE - Fried Plantain

Tried Plantains for the first time this weekend - Everyone really like them. They tasted like a cross between a banana and a squash.

1- Ripe Plantain
Vegetable Oil
Sea Salt

Pour about 1/2 " of Vegetable Oil in to a frying pan
Heat slowly to a medium heat about a temp of 325 degrees
Cut Plantain into 1" pieces
Fry both sizes for about 2 minutes each
Remove from oil - let set for a minute
Use the bottom of a bowl and gently smash into 1/4" Patty's
Return to oil and fry until outside is crisp
Remove from oil and lightly salt.
Serve warm


  1. You ought to include some pictures!!!

  2. Picture will be coming soon. Working on my skills as a food photographer.
    Would like to be adding some video by the end of the year