Wednesday, September 22, 2010



For a long time my wife and I have been looking for a healthy drink, with great flavor and a little sweetness. Something our whole family could enjoy. We don't drink alot of soda and most juices are way too sweet to quinch your thrist.

Tonight we tried Olade for the first time. We all loved it! My wife and daughters, who are all kind of picky, just raved over the Olade cranberry drink. It had a great bold cranberry flavor, and a nice mild sweetness to it!
This is something you could drink with a meal, after a work out and just a nice light snack.

Olade was created by Brad Wilk, the drummer for Rage Against the Machine. After being diagnosed with Late Onset Type 1 Diabetes in 1997. After being unable to find an all-natural, sugar-free, functional beverage in my local health food stores, Brad began formulating his own. His wife Selene introduced him to Stevia and Olade was born.

Olade is a 100% natural, low calorie/low carb organic juice beverage. Fortified with electrolytes and sweetened with Stevia, Olade promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Promotes healthy digestion
Oxygenates the system
Maintains energy and endurance
Supports weight management
Part of an Alkaline-Rich Diet
Diabetic friendly
Low glycemic
7% of profits from Olade are donated to finding a cure for diabetes

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