Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eight O'Clock Coffee Dark Italian Roast

Product Review

Eight O’Clock Coffee
Dark Italian Roast (Ground

We have had the pleasure of enjoying Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Dark Italian Roast the last few mornings.
My wife and I have both enjoyed starting our day with this great full flavored coffee. It satisfies all of your senses. It gives you the entire flavor a sophisticated coffee drinker demands, it gives you a heavier body that a dark roast should, and the great aroma that any coffee drinker will appreciate.

To give you a little background on Dark Italian Roast Coffee. The term "Italian Roast" comes from the dark roasting style that is typical in the southern section of Italy. It is similar to a French Roast but the beans are darker and oilier giving it a much more intense flavor

Eight O’Clock Coffees Dark Italian Roast is made from a select 100% Arabic coffee bean. This blend is perfect for cappuccino or espresso. I think it would also be a great roast to flavor up a cake or milkshake! I enjoyed mine black and my wife took hers with a vanilla creamer. We both gave it a big thumbs up!

We really enjoyed the Dark Italian Roast, and I think anyone who enjoys a full bodied and full flavored coffee will love it as well!
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