Monday, July 26, 2010

RECIPE - Glazed Donut Burger

OK so I know alot of you have seen this on Man vs Food. Heck that is where I seen it and decided I had to try and make one of these. On the episode where Adam was visiting Minor League ballparks. He had a burger at the Gateway Grizzlies stadium that traded in the traditional hamburger bun for a Krispy Kreme Donut. So as insane as that sounds, I just had to try it.
So this is very simple
6 - Glazed Donut
1.5 - lbs of ground beef (i prefer 85% lean for this recipe)
12 - Slices of Bacon
6 - Slices of white cheddar cheese
2 - Roma Tomatoes
1 - stick of butter
Cook your bacon in the oven on a cookie sheet until brown. (doing it in the oven will keep it flat and it will cook evenly) I cook it at 375 and watch it
Divide out ground beef into 6 equal parts and form 6 round large but fairly thin patty's
Cook your burgers on a 400 deg griddle and keep pressing them with your spatula as you cook them. Salt and Pepper to taste
Then slice your donuts in half
Melt some butter on you griddle and brown the cut side of the the donut in the butter. Remove when it gets to a nice light brown
Slice Roma tomatoes.
Put burgers back on the grill and top with bacon and cheese and cover with a lid until cheese is melted.
Top with tomato and place between you slice donut - sweet side in cut side out.
I tell you - everyone was skeptical, including myself, but everyone loved them and they all want to have them again.
This is a fun and tasty burger - it is amazing how you can get so many different flavors to dance in perfect harmony.
One side note - this is a diet killer - I could actually hear myself getting fatter as I ate it, but oh boy it was good!!!!
Try it - just don't eat it daily

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