Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recipe - Sausage Bread

Sausage Bread
This has been a popular recipe amongest my friends and family
Great for bringing to holidays gatherings or for breakfast or just a snack

1 - 16 oz Tube of Jimmy Dean's Sausage
1 - Loaf of Rhodes white bread frozen dough
1 - 16 oz container of Kraft 100% grated parmesan cheese
2 - eggs

Thaw - dough loaf
Rise - dough loaf for 2 hours

cook sausage (note save the grease)
mix the sasauge, 2 eggs and container of parmesan cheese together in a bowl

Roll out dough loaf
Spread mixure on to rolled out dough loaf
Roll up dough & mixure and tuck under the ends to form a loaf

Preheat oven to 350

Melt a stick of butter with a 1/4 cup of sasauge grease
Brush loaf with butter and sprinke with paprika
Put in preheated oven for 50 minutes
Brush about every 15 minutes

Slice about 1/2" thick and Eat

If you are having this for breakfast - it goes great with an over easy egg.
I usually make it for holiday gatherings - its better warmed up, but can be served cold or room tempt.

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  1. This crazy bread sounds great. Perfect for a bruch. Have you ever tried slicing the bread before baking, like when you make cinnamon rolls? Thanks for the recipe Ive never heard of sausage bread before and I really like the idea.