Thursday, March 31, 2011


In the last month I have started a series of DYI projects. I have started growing mushrooms in my basement. I have a batch of home-made wine brewing. I am starting a garden and have many others in store for you. Over this period of time, we have made a concise decision to make healthier choices in our everyday eating. Now don't get me wrong, we still enjoy all the great comfort food that you have seen me make on this site, but we do that more on the weekends and try to eat a little healthier during the week. My latest DYI adventure is to make homemade sodas and flavored waters. Well I found a great little kit from the folks at SodaStream. We recently got the JET model soda maker from SodaStream. This has been a great addition to our kitchen. If you looking for a long tedious project this is not for you. If you are looking for an easy, inexpensive way to made homemade sodas and flavored waters for you family, this is is! It is FAST - EASY AND FUN!

The SodaStream is a great investment in your families health. You can make great tasting sodas with less sugar and additive than the store bought colas and at just a portion of the cost. Now I know what you are thinking. Your thinking it won't taste as good. Your right it taste better! My kids love the taste, I have actually set a bottle of a major brand cola and a bottle of the SodaStream cola next to each other on the table and told them to pick which one they wanted a glass of - and they picked the SodaStream! We have not bought pop at the store in over a month! The nice thing is they like it and it is better for them!

Now many people like the very distinct taste of the brand of cola they have been drinking for years. SodaStream has many flavors with comparable taste. In fact it is noted on the bottle of the mixes. You can get over a dozen different flavor of soda, plus tea's, tea's, tonic water, seltzer and energy drinks. They also have a series of flavored waters, that have a great light taste!

OK - now your thinking this is going to be a really expensive project. Wrong again! Number 1 - Chef Dad lives on a tight budget, so if this was going to be an expensive toy, I would not have it! Number two I ran the numbers! Say you buy a 1 liter bottle of name brand cola at the store, every week for 2 years and it cost you about $1.79 per bottle. Over a 2 year period it will cost you a total of $186.16. If you purchase a SodaStream kit for about $79 and make a two half liters every week for 2 years! It will cost you about $146 for 2 years worth of soda. That includes the cost of your machine, your flavor mix and carbonation! Then your saving will grow even further after the cost of the machine is absorbed! With the state of the economy these days, I love to find products like the SodaStream, I want to save money and provide healthier, tastier food for my family!

Now let me tell you how easy this is, all you need to make these great drinks at home is - a SodaStream fountain, cold tap water, SodaStream flavor mix and 45 seconds! To see just how easy this is. check out this video!

Unlike the national brands that come in liter bottles and often go flat before you finish them. The SodaStream is made in a 1/2 liter bottle and you can make any flavor you want in a smaller batch! My kids love the Rootbeer, my wife likes the flavored waters and I have on of the Energy Drinks before every workout! 3 small bottles, 3 flavors and no waste! I highly recommend this to all families!

So how do you get one? You can order one online right from SodaStream at You can get them nationally at Bed Bath and Beyond, they have had them in their ad lately! For all my folks here in Omaha, you can get them at the Afternoon Stores! We ever you go - Tell them Chef Dad Omaha sent you!

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