Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Balloon Wine - Day 1

Last night I started my first batch of homemade wine. I started with a very simple balloon wine. This type of home wine making has been around for decades. I remember my Grandparents making it when I was a kid. This is going to be my first batch, and I plan on trying more advanced techniques for making home wine down the road.

1-1/8 teaspoon of dry active yeast (or a 1/2 of packet)
2 cups of white sugar
6oz of a thawed frozen of liquid concentrate fruit juice (I used grape)
6-3/4 to 7 cups of water.

(1) 1/2 gallon glass jug. I used a 1/2 gallon beer growler from a local microbrew
(1) 12" helium grade balloon
(1) rubber band

The first step is the most IMPORTANT
Step 1: Sanitize your container and your balloon with very hot water
Step 2: Add in this order yeast, sugar, and fruit concentrate
Step 3: Add water - make sure to leave about 2" at the top empty
Step 4: Place balloon over the mouth of the container
Step 5: Use rubber band to secure balloon

Place wine in a dark cool place for 4-6 weeks (the basement is usually the best)
With in a few days the balloon will start to inflate. Once your balloon inflates and then deflates again, your wine is done - It take about 4-6 weeks


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