Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tiesta Tea a Great Story

Since I have started the Chef Dad Omaha Blog I have had the opportunity to be introduced to a lot of unique products and some companies that have inspiring stories. Tiesta Tea is no exception!

Tiesta Tea was founded by a group of college students. The became inspire during a weekend study abroad trip in Spring of 2009 to Prauge. One night when wandering the streets of Prague, they stumbled upon a traditional Czech tea house. They ordered a famous fruit tea called Granny's Garden and wanted to introduce this type of beverage to America

They bought a few bags to sneak home on the plane. They realized how important coffee and tea shops were to European society. So they said to themselves, why not the United States? Then on March of 2010 Tiesta Tea was born.

"Tiesta Tea is a company sponsored by the University of Illinois. Tiesta Tea provides the highest quality custom-blended, flavored teas in the world, specifically created to cater to a customer’s daily lifestyle needs. Tiesta Tea offers five lines of teas categorized by their effects on the consumer rather than by their color or type. The five effects we focus on are vital to every person’s health and physical well-being: Energizer, Relaxer, Slenderizer , Immunity, and Forever Young. Each line of tea has a wide variety of flavors designed to appeal to every beverage drinker. Tiesta Tea believes that for tea to truly enter the mainstream, it must be simplified and accessible to people of all ages. Tiesta Tea’s goal is to transform tea from an affordable luxury to a daily health necessity"

After reading about the beginnings of Tiesta Tea, I just had to try some. I was really impressed with these young people to not only discover this opportunity, but their drive to pursue it and see it through. When most colleges kids come home from a weekend with only empty pockets and a hang over. These fine young people came home with a dream and the ambition to make it a reality.

Some the flavors I have tried so far are, Lemon Zen, Chunky Watermelon and Fruity Pebbles. The one thing that is constant with all of them is great flavor and absolutely incredible aroma! Now I have had all three flavors hot and I have tried them brewed then poured over ice, because I am huge ice tea guy. Now all you tea purest out there settle down - it's my tea I can drink they way I like it. Regardless of weather your are a hot or iced tea fan, you can't go wrong with Tiesta! Great Tea's, Great Taste, Great Smell and a Great Company!

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